The Beauty Of Mapping

Having taken images from the Ten Year Pioneer Plan (1953 – 1963) mapped by Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá’í faith. I choose to look at the maps for their aesthetic beauty and not just the practical cartographic purpose of their creation. Then I assembled those images into collages which I hoped would manifest another element of beauty which was latent but unseen in their original form.

This small project serves as metaphor for art revealing the abundant hidden beauty which exists in the world of creation but is often unnoticed by the fleeting eye due to life’s preoccupations. The busyness of doing often strips away the opportunity to absorb what joy may be right there in front of us in everyday scenes… whether natural of human-constructed.

This undertaking was not intended to represent any revised strategic statement of the Ten Year Plan maps; only an aesthetic manipulation for simple pleasure of the perceiving eye. The bright colours and geometric shapes – arrows, circles, lettering listing place names, radial lines and symbols saturated in radiant hues spill across the territories of our unfolded globe. Everything profoundly intended in its purpose but also styled in an illuminating arrangement.

Limitless love as ultimate knowledge

Uplift at long last

Be the voice

Become the voice to others

Lift up yourself by deeds and others will notice…

others will hear the voice of silence

whilst noticing their own deeds.

Development of a sacred quench

Between us we have in common

water, and capacity to know 

understanding to virtuously grow

flourish into actioning love in deeds

recognising the Spirit of God in all folk, things and moments…

let’s drink to that.

Illogical Injustice

Fairness is the sense that confirms righteousness

Correctness of morality; practical adherence to ethics

Secreted within human DNA exists a strand of logic that ties each living breath to justice

Achieving, realising virtuous attributes

Intuiting a sense that loves understanding God’s wondrous knowledge.

Obsidian Vision

Obsidian Vision
The Pupil of the Eye admits light anew, gaining ever-clearer insight
Incandescence that illumines behind the lens
Penetrating all facade of observations
Continually refining the convergence of reality.
Deep well of insight
From the peripheral to the central stream of transmission,
across every depth of field
the Pupil of the Eye perceives multiple perspectives.

Beholding every branch, foliage and shoot 
each bud, blossom and fruit.
Glimpsing a fragment of the eternal divine Plan
dispensed beyond the farthest lifespan.
Should incoming brilliance dim low, mystifying power will grow
By faint light each centre of observation enlarges, fills outward
to accommodate the most expansive, reaching radiance possible.
Seeing without the mists of ego
Studied experience of fracturing prejudice, the Pupil of the Eye 
is the learned examiner
… discerns discrimination by alert observation.
Clarity of focus, gleaming by gleanings
Embodiment of sensitivity
Purposed by Light, independently investigating… 
This faculty is trusted in its scope
a continuum gaining wisdom
… channeling a revelatory spectrum through the pupil.
The faculty has trust in its universal perceptions.
Overcoming societal myopia of systemic imbalance
proven by the spiritual forge of generational resilience...
Attuned to brightness existing beside shadow, contrast for optimal optical outlook
Living water nourishes the pupil, a film transparency of Truth
shielding its vital tissue from aberration.
Saturated by outflowing waves of the Daystar
Drawing the ether of understanding into its vortex
Essential precious nucleus…
Scoping a wide picture of detail
alert to change…
Eyeing ascending qualities of character, as virtues actualize.
Input from blended colours
Pigments mixing, mingling into one panorama.
Oil obsidian is the pupil
to absorb the highest energy possible.
Opening aligned into the orbits of sight
from the sphere of optics.
The engine of the eye,
forge of astute vision.
The pupil which transmits experience is black
- the centre of sight uncovering disadvantage
articulates wordlessly with the inner Body.
The Pupil of the Eye is an apparatus of discernment,
mechanism for unifying diverse waves of energy.
Divinely created tool of intelligent design,
integrating information, assembling a reservoir of wisdom.
Relative to any vantage across the horizon
the eye’s pupil transcends its environment.
One eye beholding another eye meets the reflection of self.
Within its image, deeper still reflects again
a hall of mirrors projecting an origin point
repeating like a karmic cycle; dawn’s return with the expectant sun.
For witnessing, reading the moment...
interpreting, sensing, attuning
to restless change and unhindered progress.
Deciphering shades of logic and hints of emotion…
the pupiled eye differentiates loving from disunity,
unifies palettes, a retinal canvas essentially varied.
Consciously painful in the eye, a grain of sand
begins the formation of the luminous black pearl.
By God’s grace, these assembled organic forms inform, guide wisely
Removing blind spots to injustice, one prescription for global unity. 
Vital Pupils of the Eyes are naturally inquiring, seeking harmony, fixing yet fluid in movement. 
Animate aperture, archiving scenes
Noticing invaluable portals all around; readying to serve.
Taking in the unfolding whole, looking for transparency
Spying the entirety of humanity’s spectrum – both material background and spiritual landscape.
Satellites nerve-connected, tethered into the realm of appreciating oneness
Fastened to the soul; with bonds spirited through the mind
Pivotal, the searching pupil is a learning instrument…
surpassing discrete vision – exceeding limited exclusionary sight
to consolidating - anchoring all senses.
Elemental, nucleus portal… 
opening for mind and soul
Holding all stages in frame, to notice.
Upon night, under illuminance of the moon bright
Gaining eyeshot of unfolding progress - equitable, just development.
Perception is ever-perpetual even when the manifest Sun is yet to appear above the horizon.
The eye’s pupil is sensitive to every discriminating influence
Exerted outwith from a one-colour blindness of spirit
The pupiled eye attracts as a magnet, shifting perception to conception
Assisting regeneration, suppressing degeneration.
Optical witness bearing the acuity
to recognise between the embryonic and progressive.
Funnel of morality from partisan reality... assessing balance, equality…
reorienting the compass bearing.
Repeatedly turning towards hope, to unveil truthful healing.

Inobservable Remembrances

Inner scene

The third eye can see further and far deeper into

the universal mysteries that the most powerful

and advanced telescopes.


Dropping grains of hope

Out of the future falls…

Experts aren’t the only people who should

structure the world

… yet we wait for ‘specialists’ to fix the world.

Development of a sacred quench

Between us we have in common

water, and capacity to know 

– understanding to virtuously grow

flourish into actioning love in deeds

recognising the spirit of God in all folk, nature and moments…

let’s drink to that.

Compass of Equidistant Bearing

Compass of Equidistant Bearing 

In any day of Wisdom
His words are the meridian of every place… timely in every zone.
Their influence is beyond orient and occident,
Threading together the nuclear and nebulous, uniting all matters fixed and fluid.
His radiance reaches all latitudes and environs
Transcends the infinite horizons
Exceeds all obstructions.
His syllables symbolise the merging of continents
His loving expressions link together polar outlooks
Dissolve the artificiality of accidental-incidental borders
imagined inside the world of humanity, illumining all earthly shadows 
– from the most oppressive to the subtle superficial.
For each day of Wisdom, His guidance lights the whole human globe.

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Gate of All Colours

Gate of All Colours
The vital prism of all prayer
radiates as a tabernacle spectrum
from our universal supplication.
The clear portal of nature wide
Orange doors for synagogue open
Red church gate ajar 
Blue arch mosque entrance
Yellow threshold into the temple
Worship through green doors
… prayer everywhere.


Petals 9

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
ONE for all individuals 
Two's companionship
Three in friendship
Four forging bonds
Five flames flicker together
Six speaks to solidarity
Seven suggests a party of warmth
Eight inclusions, each essential
Nine for Unity

Variety generates united beauty


Hidden in Plain Sight


In unity is beauty.

Blue is beautiful, brightening bold

– even more lovely are different shades of blue.

Orange and red are most pleasing too

but mixed hues of reds and oranges

together beside blues, yellows and pinks becomes a gorgeous feast

for the eyes.

From the prism of nature beams greens,

broadcasting vibrancy… dazzling, piercing palette.

Arranged variously in shapes and sizes, the scene

then reaches an unsurpassed visual delight.

By form and colour, beauty is found in variety.



Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 18.40.43 copy



Riverine Buddhism

On route to the Botanics

summery joy – walk along the riverside

Pleasantly refreshed by vital nature.

Invigoration, energy from essences seen and invisible.

There fell then a single propeller seed

corkscrewing down to the tarmacadam…

Just before I came upon a tiny stupa

living in relief upon a wall.

Like a cave dwelling carved into a mountain

it drew all focus and the greater surrounding stone

became irrelevant.

Curious and beautiful, but tiny as a human hand

Had it not been for a glance, its grace unseen would’ve fleeted

… wee stupa on the Kelvin.





Light weaves together feathered, lettered branches

Leaves inter-trace wings upon ancient trees

Ancestral spirals speak identity, intricacy

of patterned belonging. Cosmic listening…

Universal veins of silent history signal vitalism.

Assembly of echoes

Journeying within to a discovery – oneness

Individually ingathering the human tribe

Needled under-skin, metaphysical tattoo in spirit.

Truth, divine identity.



Non-audio reception


He speaks to me by

chilling vibrations

and warm radiance.

A distilled communication

with intuitive listening…

Received loud and clear


Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.36.45 copy

Super-saturated seeds: nutriment eco-echo


Compelled directly


Saplings compete for the canopy

Light, the ultimate goal draws

An obsession with the Sun

Grasping onto the cord of gravity

Strengthened by the path upwards.





Rain synchronising with earthly fertility

the natural solution upon all the lands.

Soil with water and atmosphere… their essence

cleansing one another by a symbiotic embrace.


Flora enact


Nature, every so often, crafts a scheme

to manifest harmony, attract radiant expression,

unfold something both material and etherial

break the monotony by some joyous distillation.

We are much the same,

enacting into a blossom for distraction.




“Filho do Ser (Son of Being)” by Sonia Gomes





Where a tree arises, beautifying

God only knows…

the algorithm of it’s maturity timing

only He can access.


From within those wild unknowns can we reach out

to cosmic algebra to balance our soul’s equation.

Progressive insight into order of nature.

with an approximation made for gravity

Mindfulness of spirit.




In a world of pain man can choose

to understand why he should walk

towards light

and know some good contained in

that mystery.




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Who has the power?


An orchard of colours entering the eye –

Be We minded of love?

Revealing light clothed in truth

Each ray carries a consistency of spectrum

Fruiting Unity by a continuum

 intricate, diverse mystery.

A majestic mural rendered from the heavens

through sky to petalled perfection.

Palettes of energising vibrations, blossoming within hearts.

All Power is wielded by only One

Who knows full beauty of created consciousness, perfectly unique mystery.

Should all be minded of love.