All self-dissolve when
All revolve around each other’s needs.




Gilded tracery of broken spirits
More beautiful for it’s repair.




Timeous preciousness

Meditation is bringing something
beautiful seemingly out of nothing.



The Gate opening to God’s Glory

Educators –

Enlightening All.




Statistics of love

Who is the Engineer of empathy?








As dawn’s blanket is lifted
the dewdrops are light and airy
sitting or down underside upon greenery.









Intermediary Agency


Through which

A space to filter
ideology … set the process.



Optics of the Etherial

By refraction within the ether,
an Initiation of Energy
Heart is the incident surface of the Divine radiance.



Proposal for discussion

Does the dialogue of heart and head make sense at this time?




Fragmented, atomised desires, miniaturised.



What’s happening

Gladly, many are blessed to recognise
the normalcy of everyday love.




By love, sing your best.



Good Hurt

The responsibility of one’s own life may
leave scars outside and inside.






Supernal Rationale


Shrouded Constant

Liberation by belief, by Faith
Living with a sense of Destiny
like gravity,
from Above.



Countenance revealed

Revealing its elements, all of its layers
The profound beauty of a face, bared to scrutiny
It’s unique accents only visible
when the sun casts it’s unity-bearing truth-baring radiance.



God knows

Whatever’s seen on the event horizon…



Gems appearing…

May all realised efforts be a crystallising catalyst to spread
the food of wisdom and knowledge of His Spirit.

May gems appear.








Pulse of proximity

With every single heartbeat,
God is ever near, never distant.



Enlightened by sweet divinity and
the purest power, the universal
Prince brings wisdom
through His Kingly revelations.

Expressions of deliverance,
a re-genesis begun, broadcasting the
unfolding trans-mission of devoted goodness
– humanity’s spiritual birth.

Truth absolute has such infinite weight and power as
the gentlest, most compassionate touch.
By the Greatest One, the Unconquerable,
the All-Knowing, we are awakened.





Lapping in happiness


The terrace waters of Haifá’s Bahá’i gardens
cascade with a joyful tickling of the dressed stone beneath.
Defying the gravity of Mount Carmel, rushing and beckoning every drop to prostrate
themselves in pools of devotion.

Trickles of glory-intoxicated gurgles run in a rush of rivulets
divining in mirror-border channels.
Fountain-heads hydrating generous flushes
of thirst-quenching beauty.

Affirming syphons of an eternal spiritual Spring …
streaming stillness, with a paradisal-knowing, into the observing mind.





Living Power of Creations


Dayspring, Star of Truth to the awakened
Fountainhead of spiritual buoyancy.
He is the staff that supports
humanity’s climb towards the Mount of Unity.
With each increment of ascent gained, His loving kindness,
swathes all in life-sustaining warmth.



Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá

God’s love lives as purest light
– humanity’s faith scintillates as a myriad of divine sparks
destined to become a beacon alight with spiritual fire.




Retrievals of dawn’s tide
goings and incomings
Springs of day and waxing
of life anew.




Energy etherial
supporting the spiritual
– frame.